My daughter Cason and I spent several hours talking with neighbors in ANC6B10 today.  I wanted to say thank you to everyone who shared their concerns with me about RFK, Reservation 13, parking, and loitering.

Several people referenced the special events stickers that the DC government used to give neighbors.  These stickers would help parking enforcement officials identify neighborhood cars during stadium events.  These stickers would have been very helpful yesterday.  Thousands of people visited our neighborhood to get their packets for the Marine Corp Marathon.  While I am delighted that they visited our neighborhood, I was not so delighted by the fact that they all parked in our neighborhood and neighbors had to circle several blocks in order to find parking.  If elected, fixing the parking situation is definitely on my to-do list.

Another item on the to-do list is more neighborhood involvement in Reservation 13 and RFK planning.  Many people spoke about the need for action – forward movement, not the continuous dragging of the feet.  For too long, the city has been thinking about what to do.  What we need now is action and action that includes direct neighborhood involvement.