For the past several months, I’ve been working with ANC6B10 neighbors to increase parking enforcement during RFK stadium events.  This morning, we requested that DPW officials be invited to attend the next RFK Stadium meeting in January.  Events DC officials agreed to our request.

Our goal is to work with DPW and Events DC officials to create a parking enforcement plan that allows ANC6B10 neighbors to park in front of their houses during stadium events.

Contact information for the DPW parking enforcement supervisors can be found below.

  • Martina Ward

Monday – Friday @ 2:30PM – 11PM

(202) 541-6035

  • Leslie Polk

Tuesday – Saturday @ 10:30AM – 7PM

(202) 541-6059

  • Pamela Mclean

Tuesday – Saturday @ 8PM – 4AM

(202) 541-6061